Friday, April 2, 2010

Food Revolution

I finally got around to watching ABC's new socially conscious television show, Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. The verdict? Intrigued.

Perhaps it's cynical of me to question the goal of ABC in promoting this show. However, anytime I see Ryan Seacrest's (Executive Producer) name attached to something, it begs the question . . . Good intentions or Good Ratings? After all, he is responsible for bringing us such life-changing television like Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Denise Richards: It's Complicated. Alright, I'll quit being a smart-ass.

One point is emphatically clear: Jamie Oliver is brilliant in this role. Not only as a talented and enthusiastic chef, but also as a foreigner in blue collar America. His amicable British-ness allows him to transcend awkward moments simply by acting naive or unaware of traditions and behavior, causing the viewer to question the very behavior that sets him apart from his American friends, or foes depending on how you look at it. Moral of the story, Oliver is genuine in his cause.

What cause? Hmm, when was the last time you visited a major metropolitan airport? I’ll bet you saw more people utilizing the golf carts to navigate the terminals due to obesity rather than disability. It’s a joke. What did people do in the airport without motorized transportation and bags with wheels? They walked. They carried their bags.

Oliver’s efforts focus on the food we put into our bodies. After all, it all begins with food. His philosophy: fresh ingredients, simple preparation, and artful presentation. Sound familiar? Forget convenience. Forget processed foods. Forget indolence and apathy. Embrace personal responsibility and accountability.

I wish Mr. Oliver the best. Not simply in ratings, but in creating awareness to so many who refuse to acknowledge their habits. Yes, it takes more effort to create items from scratch. Yes, it takes planning and discipline. But, the payoff is enormous. On a day like this, we are reminded of sacrifice and the blessing that is life.

With spring in the air, it’s about time to go check out the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables available at your local farmers market. Besides being better tasting and better for you, the products at most markets are priced well below anything you’ll find in the grocery store.

Cheers to great, healthy food on this Easter weekend!


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