Wednesday, June 6, 2012

More Wisconsin Cheese? Yes Please!

Excited that the crew from NYC is coming down tomorrow to shoot the pilot for a new show we are pitching to networks.  Going to be a busy few days - but I couldn't be happier to have a bunch of Yankees down in Nashville filming the likes of my own cooking show.  Add to that CMA fest and Bonnarroo weekend, and I'm one happy camper.

The good folks from the Wisconsin Cheese Board happily provided me with an assortment of cheese to utilize in one of our segments, and I wanted to re-highlight all of the cool things they have going on over at their site.  Looking for the perfect wine/beer/drink and cheese pairing?   These folks have got you covered!  Seriously go check it out today!

On that note - the next few days are going to be a blur.  Can't wait to share the results of our shoot with everyone on a television in your living room in the near future!



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