Monday, June 11, 2012

That's a wrap!

Spent the weekend shooting our sizzle reel for a new upcoming show I'm working on.  Such a great weekend of filming and spending time in my beloved Nashville.  A special thanks to all of the folks, friends, and crew that helped make things happen:  Dustin & Kyah, Camille, Callie, Alex, Sean, Shawn, Stan, Chuck, Burt, Alison, Mike, Steve, Michael, B. Mike, Tom, and the rest of the NYC crew who will be working on post-production over the next few days.  Fingers are crossed to see all of the footage and find the right network that shares our vision for a younger, fun, fresh show tailored around my lifestyle, friends, and the South.

I've attached a few picks from Michael and I's segments - from picking guitars, to drinking cold beer, to cooking in the kitchen.  Enjoy!


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