Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Irony + NYTimes

Funny that just a few days after I disclose, with all-out honesty, my experience and opinions on the publishing industry that my book, Have Her Over for Dinner; a gentleman's guide to classic simple meals, is named by the NYTimes as one of the best cookbooks of the year.

I'm not kidding, check out the article, with some other awesome books, here.

I got the news while making a day trip up to Philly and back.  So yeah, I'm sitting at my desk now back in Nashville, at midnight, drinking a cold beer, and listening to Dr. Dog with somewhat of a pathetic congratulatory state of mind.  Perhaps I thought the coming of such news would be met with an impromptu trip to Vegas, or at least a hard night out on the town - but instead - I'm packing for the next trip, the next journey, and the next challenge.

Truth be told, I'm completely stoked that the NYTimes, the most badass of all badass author/book review placements, had anything - much less a "best of"- review of my book.  It's incredibly humbling to be included on such a list.  Most of all - I love that I made it as a self published, self promoted, self created, self produced, self etc, etc, etc author/publisher/publicist/photographer/entrepreneur.  Notice all the other folks mentioned have big time publishing houses and publicists working in their corner.  

Not this guy.

Instead I have you - the folks who are incredibly awesome to support my work for what it is.  A fun, funny (at least I think so), and useful resource for creating outstanding meals at home.  So seriously, thanks.

For everyone that thinks something is impossible, or too difficult, or not worth the trouble, let my experience serve as an example.  On a shoestring budget, with passion, complete persistence, prayer, a touch of luck, and fan support - we made it to the big leagues.

Let's have fun, and stay a while yeah?

Another beer (or two), then bed.

Keep Peaceful!


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Unknown said...

SO happy and excited for you!! You more than deserve it!! Congrats! xo

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