Sunday, April 10, 2011

Assembly Required

Sometimes I just don't feel like cooking . . . After a long, busy day the idea of getting back to work in the kitchen just feels like too much of a hassle.  I suppose I could always go out for a bite or pick something up, but my wallet and waistline know better.  

Tonight is one of those nights.  I made a quick platter (dinner) based on some ingredients I already had in the fridge.  Perhaps not the healthiest or balanced meal in the world, but that's why I'm enjoying a glass or two of red wine on the side.  

Marinated Olives, Aged Wisconsin Cheddar, Toasted French Bread Cubes, and Sopressata.  

Yes, this is a great appetizer for a date night.

No cooking - just assembly . . .  and delicious to boot!

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