Thursday, July 5, 2012


Rough day of travel yesterday -

Nothing like spending your 4th of July holiday in airports - much less dealing with delays.

Oh well, life could be worse.  I ended up getting stranded in Montreal for the evening, which just happens to be one of my favorite cities in the world.  Of course, United Airlines claimed their delay was due to the weather, so it was left up to me to secure a hotel and cover cab fare into the city.  When in Rome.

Booked a last minute deal at Hotel Zero 1 on the corner of St. Laurent and Rene Levesque - perfect location for the annual JazzFest celebration that I just happened to catch - I guess karma comes back in your favor every once and a while.  Enjoyed a few beers and some music while taking in the sights and sounds.  Montreal is alive!  For anyone who's never visited this city, I have to tell you that it's arguably one of the best in the world.  A mix of French/English, America/Europe, and everything in between.  It's like taking New Orleans, Chicago, San Fran, NYC and Paris - and simply slamming them all into one city.  Incredible.

Closed down the evening hitting up a few bars up and down St. Laurent/St. Dennis - some of my favorite old spots.  And of course, I grabbed a smoked meat sandwich from Schwartz's deli and shot the shit with the staff - picking up some more of my favorite spices to take home with me.

All in all - I'm ready to get to my destination - PEI.  But, if all layovers occur in Montreal - I'm not complaining.


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