Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Happy 2010!  For those in the Memphis area, please stop in to your local Davis-Kidd bookstore to pick up a copy of HHOFD today!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

AOL's Asylum

AOL's popular men's lifestyle publication Asylum features the book and 4 new recipes here.

Make sure you get your Christmas ordersin ASAP!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Music Row Magazine

Check out the latest review from our friends at Music Row magazine.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Art of Manliness

Happy Holidays everyone! Check out our post over at The Art of Manliness featuring 3 new meals that are sure to impress! Stay tuned for more exciting updates...


Monday, December 7, 2009

Back to the Basics

Check out the latest news featuring two new recipes from our friends over at MadeMan.

Order your copy of the book today just in time for the Christmas holidays!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A True Gentleman

We've teamed up w/ Tim over at A True Gentleman to create a post on food and fashion. Check out Tim's essentials for dress when entertaining at home, and be sure and read my post, including 4 new recipes for that special evening. Enjoy!

From Tim:

As to dressing appropriately, it does not need to be formal, but your outfit should reflect that you’ve put some thought into it.

Let’s start with the basics from the top and work our way down.

To start, a nice button down shirt is imperative, as this will essentially anchor your whole ensemble. Whether you put a sweater over top, or a blazer, the shirt is the key component. Now, how you’ll choose your shirt is dependent upon your mood, or simply what you have in your closet. A safe bet is a basic blue or white oxford; it is classic, simple and really good looking.
As for pants, I would suggest a nice pair of khakis, grey slacks, or a pair of dark blue jeans. These always pair nicely with an oxford shirt. Just make sure what you choose is comfortable for moving around in, as you will be entertaining.

Lastly, the shoes are also a key component. Not only should your shoes be comfortable, but tie together your ensemble. The shoes are like the conclusion to a story, the period at the end of a sentence; ultimately the shoes will be the one piece that can make or break an outfit. Therefore your choice depending on what you’ve selected should not be sneakers or boots. Your shoes should have an element of dressiness; therefore, with what I’ve selected above, an accompanying shoe could be a nice driving shoe, or a loafer.

Now that we have the basics down, let’s add some flare. Start with adding a neck tie/bow tie. This will dress up the outfit and add some pop to the blank canvas we’ve already created. This is completely optional and preference is dependent upon personal style. While on the topic of flare, a navy blue blazer adds an element of interest. The beauty of the navy blazer is that it virtually goes together with anything and would complete this outfit. If you don’t have a blazer, you can always substitute with a cardigan or sweater over top to create the same effect. If you’re thinking blazer, try a pocket square. Really adds an element of class.

As for a finishing touch, make sure you smell good. Make sure your cologne doesn’t trump the smell of food.

In concluding, enjoy yourself and have fun with your outfit.