Monday, August 25, 2014

Cooking with Booze

One of my favorite topics, check out my monthly piece over at The Art of Manliness for the full story.

Other updates?  Yes, I suppose I have been slacking as of late to keep folks updated as to my wherabouts.  Rest assured, I've got plenty of good reason.

I've been writing, traveling, and cooking non-stop over the past 8 months to put together my next book - A Southern Gentleman's Kitchen.

It's early, but I gotta admit I'm super stoked on how everything is coming together.  Recipes are testing out great - photography is to die for - and I've got some interesting folks and stories to share with all of you. 

Of course, the book is not out until May of next year (2015), so now that the majority of my writing is finished - check back in with me here for some more weekly updates on what is going on.

Again, I apologize for the delays - you can only do so much at a time - but I promise it'll all be worth it.


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