Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Looking Ahead

Whew - It's been quite a few busy months . . . from getting married to buying a new house to moving to book proposals to traveling all over the US (most of the time being hampered by air travel - thanks SW, Delta, USAir, and others) - life just doesn't seem to slow down.
My new kitchen.
Don't get me wrong - I'm blessed and happy to be so busy.  After three days at home I get that ole itch to get right back out on the road again.

I'm stoked to be headed back out West to Portland, OR and back East to VA later this month - along with a trip up to Milwaukee to attend a wedding - rest assured - I will get my fill of cheese, sausage, and cold beer during that trip.

I'll be back in NYC to tape for BetterTV on June 3rd - be sure to tune in.

On the MOONSHINE front - we're about to launch a new website at www.eastwestbottlers.com - a huge thanks to Thomas Bailey for all the hard work on the site.  Proud to announce that we'll also be partnering with ORVIS to offer the scents worldwide.  Pretty amazed to be working with such a great brands such as ORVIS and BELK - along with the 200+ individual retailers around the globe.

Better yet - this summer is shaping up to be quite a bit of work and play.  Stoked to announce I'll be back for my third year as a guest chef at The Cavendish Beach Music Festival - cooking up a bounty (see below) of some of the worlds greatest local ingredients.  This year, I'm stoked to bring along a few friends from Nashville - Dustin and Kyah Hillis will be in tow with me and my lovely wife.  Really excited to show these two the beautiful island of PEI, while introducing them to the kind folks who have been so good to me over the past few years.  I know we'll be making our way out to join these men for some fly fishing, and then we'll be spending a day with Chef Ross on his new PEI Culinary Adventure.  As always, we'll be taking in the great sights and sounds of the festival as well - the acts look quite promising this year!
Lobster, Crawfish, Shrimp, Corn, Sausage, Potatoes, and a whole lot more!
From there, it's another jaunt to the Pacific Northwest and beyond - stay tuned.

Anywho, that's it for now - wishing you all the best in food, life, and happiness in the coming months.

Keep peaceful,


Monday, April 22, 2013

Roast Beef au Jus

Can I get a 'hell yeah'?

I was super stoked to re-create one of my favorite sandwiches for this month's Art of Manliness sandwich extravaganza.  For my step-by-step guide to building this classic, check out the following link.  Yes, that's yours truly using a meat slicer.  Hell Yeah!


Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Had the pleasure of going to Charleston, SC a few weeks back to represent our cologne line, MOONSHINE, a gentleman's cologne at Charleston Fashion Week.  In December, we partnered with over 300 Belk Department stores to carry the line - what a whirlwind of fun it's been!  Belk, along with our 200+ other retail partners, have been huge advocates for our product - along with the fans.  Greatly appreciate all of the support.  Keep on Repealing Her Prohibitions!

The EastWest Bottlers Crew (L-R) Colin, Me, Charlie
Couldn't resist a cameo with designer Christian Siriano.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Gettysburg, PA

I had the pleasure of visiting Gettysburg, PA this week.  Prior to my arrival, I scoped out the ins/outs of the town, and I was happy to find the newly renovated Gettysburg Hotel located downtown.  Not expecting much - I was genuinely surprised.  In preparing for the 150 anniversary of this historic battle - this town is buzzing like a street corner out of Manhattan.

If you've never visited the battle site - it's a must do as an American.  In fact, I took the opportunity to run from downtown to the battlefield, making my way around the entire perimeter of the field traversing both the Union and Confederate sides.  It's a somber place - to say the very least.  Though it looks like this today - history holds a much more gruesome detail.

150 years ago, these same fields were littered with lead, sweat, blood, tears, and men.

Not to get too depressing, I must say that making the 10 mi run around the battlefield at dusk was one of the more memorable experiences I've had in my lifetime.  This place is spiritual - go visit.

On a lighter note - while you are there you'll have your pick of some pretty solid cuisine.  The folks around town patronize their pubs, shops, restaurants, and hotels.  I'm not talking all touristy joints either.

My favorite haunt was Ernies Texas Lunch - a diner just off the main square.  They just don't make places like this anymore.  True Americana.
I belied up to the bar counter for a western omelet, home fries, and coffee.  Service came with a smile, and the clientele - all locals - were friendly to boot.  I struck up conversation with Frank - a Pittsburgh native - who filled me in on hub-a-bub of the town while he devoured his Tuesday special of bacon, eggs, and home fries, all slathered with a heady shake of black pepper.  I'll admit - I was a young guy sitting in Ernies, as the entire generation looked to stretch well into their 70's - 90's - but they weren't short on friendliness or humor.

I hope my generation is able to sustain, build, and appreciate such wonderful places.

Thank you Gettysburg - a great trip indeed - and I'm even more proud to be an American after visiting your fine city streets.