Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fall Flavours Highlights

This is a first for me - uploading a video directly onto my site.  Perhaps I should 'get with the times' eh?  Anyways, I just recently came across this outstanding video produced by my friends up in PEI featuring highlights from the Fall Flavours Festival I participated in last September.  Celeb chefs like Curtis Stone, Mark McEwan, Lynn Crawford, and . . . me?  Pretty cool.

Please note - I was pretty hungover during my 'interview'.  Too many Island Reds the night before.  Not to mention the fact that I had just broken into 'Sim's Steakhouse' only moments before; setting off all the alarms and having the police come chase down a foreigner who was simply trying to meet up with Chef Ross to do prep work in the kitchen.  Quite frankly - I'm pretty sure Ross set me up just to see my reaction on the security camera when the alarms sounded.  What a way to wake up.

That's it - hope you all are having a great Tuesday!


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