Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Loose Ends

Coming off a few weeks of travel, and I'm ready to enjoy a slow weekend here in Nashville.  Of course, there's more travel and exciting things to announce on the horizon.  Waiting on a few confirmations before announcing anything - as I always seem to get burned when I jump the gun.

Enjoyed a good evening a few weeks back w/ Luke Bryan and friends at the Grande Ole Opry.  As always, the boys put on a great show, and it'd been quite some time since I'd been backstage at the Opry house - and I must say their post-flood renovations are spectacular.

Backstage @ the Grand Ole Opry
Andy Warhol @ The Grand Ole Opry
From there I caught a day or two at the lake house to celebrate mamma's birthday.  I made a fantastic seafood pasta, brimming with fresh shrimp, bay scallops, and clams.  It was delicious to say the very least - and actually even better after sitting at room temperature and reheated upon my return to Nashville.  Strange, but true.

Seafood Pasta
Came across this gem of an item while bottling more Moonshine Cologne.  Our "headquarters" are in the basement of one of my partners parents 'abandoned' home.  Pretty hilarious seeing this snapshot into his childhood.  I can hear it now, "kid's, come downstairs for dinner".  My oh my how times have changed.

House intercom
With that said, there's some pretty darn exciting things going on in the fragrance business.  Early next month, we'll be launching Moonshine Soap, an all natural soap that's studded with sea salt that smells strikingly similar to our popular Moonshine cologne.  I've been testing it for months, and I couldn't be happier with the results.  Not to mention the kick ass packaging.  Also, we are finalizing prep for our women's line, Speakeasy.  It's coming together beyond my wildest expectations - and I have a feeling that every woman in America will soon be swooning to pick up this sultry, dark, intoxicating aroma.

Moonshine Soap - post production
Moonshine Soap packaging - hand crafted
An important press package - keeping my fingers crossed.
That's that - a quick snapshot into what's been going on in my world of food, travel, business, and miscellaneous activities.

Spring has sprung here in Nashville, and the weather is beautiful.  Hoping it's the same for all the rest of you.



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