Monday, September 24, 2012

Buffalo / Niagara

A week or two ago, I posted my crimes of eating while on Nor'Easter in Buffalo, NY.  Pretty sure my stomach has just now adjusted from that carnal abuse.

Anyways, I finally got around to editing some shots from the trip - and most importantly - our sojourn up to Niagara Falls.  If you've never been - go.  It's a must see in a lifetime, and Buffalo offers plenty of spicy Buffalo wings, Beef on Weck, and cold beers to serve as a nice respite througout your journeys.



Mission Command w/ Marine Mike - Embassy Suites - Buffalo, NY
The size of my hunger that day - too bad the meal we ate was, well - not Korean BBQ
Gatlinburg or Downtown Niagara?  Hint - Tim Hortons in background
On the hunt for local food and drink.  Hunt not satisfied.
Niagara Falls - American Side
American Falls - notice rainbow - the calm before Barnett's storm.
Distant Canadian Falls
Handy with a Spatula and a Mark iii
Canadian Falls - Closer View
Bet you $100 I'd survive in a Barrel - hmmm
Maybe not.
The Crew
Man + Squirrel = Totally normal
Downtown Buffalo
Buffalo at Dusk

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