Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day 30 - Done and Done

Hard to believe 30 days have already passed!  I'll be boarding a plane back to CA tonight, which is where I started this whole 30 day adventure.  My results?  I feel great.  Down five or so pounds, re-focused, and guess what - it was just the kickstart I needed to go ahead and sign up for my next marathon - I'm two weeks into training as of today! 

Most of all, it's nice to hold yourself accountable - either by writing things down, or just making a conscious note of what you are doing each day. 

Time for some wine in the Santa Barbara region - cheers!

15 Mi Run @ 7:40 pace

Better Breakfast Sandwich

Cuban Sandwich


Many, many, many . . .

Off for an early weekend - cheers!

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