Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 1

A day in.  Always starts by putting your toe in the water. 

Quite frankly today was like most others, except I cut out a beer or two that I always enjoy in the evening.  I've decided that my iPhone photography is less than inspiring, so unless something really strikes my fancy I won't waste my time with posting pictures of food that looks less than delectable.  I'll plan on being quite strict so I can indulge a touch while in Greensboro over the weekend.  By indulge I mean a Bojangles Chicken Biscuit and most likely a few cold beers.

I'll post some Napa photos later this week.

2 Poached Eggs
Creole Seasoning

Lunch - Salads are my staple after a workout.  Salad bars are quick, cheap, and convenient. 

Black Olives
Red Onion

Dinner - I was seriously craving pasta all day, so I made a creative twist in wanting that red sauce and cheese by going with a stewed tomato and green bean dish that I topped simply with Sartori cheese - (Parmesan).  Add in a grilled chicken breast for lean protein, and this was a knockout.  Virtually a carb free day today.

Workout - 6 Mile Run @ 7:30 pace

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